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Welcome to the Scribe!

Hi there! Check out the blog team’s new introduction video for Spring 2021 below:


Why make a blog?

Our mission is to enrich the undergraduate pre-med experience with a spirit of genuine humanism through exploratory and reflective blog writing, mentorship, and other related creative outlets and projects. We hope our work makes an “upstream” contribution to future innovations in medical education. The pre-med journey is both rigorous and meaningful; this blog will provide students with a space to write about and reflect on many elements of this experience.

Read more about our goals and our name here!

What are the columns?

Anatomy of AMSA – the central hub of AMSA-related information and an inside look at our organization, members, service, and experiences. Featuring GBM and hangout recaps, “Meet the Member” features, and reflections from the service squads and project teams.

Gray Matter – a nod to the gray matter we have in our own brains, this column will put a spotlight on the rich personal stories that compose the pre-med experience. You’ll find reflections, memoirs, op-eds, interview-based pieces, and other provocative miscellaneous works. Featuring “Hot Takes”, a new series we are adding in Spring 2021!

Diversions and Distractions – whether you’re here to learn about the humanities side of medicine, take a break, or procrastinate, this column has something for you. You’ll find creative pieces on the representation of medicine in the media, as well as discussions about the intersections of history, religion, poetry, and art with all aspects of human health. Featuring Those Who Came Before Us, and Marilyn’s Medical Film Reviews.

The Dose – a new section chronicling the articles and writing/discussion activities we share at our weekly meetings (formerly 2%).

We will also curate visual content, primarily photographs, memes, and cartoons in all our posts!

Sounds cool! How can I help?

Please fill out the application at if you want to contribute to the blog as a team member. You can write freelance and get a social point from AMSA if you submit a piece to You can also contact us directly at And don’t forget to check out the UMD AMSA website at as well!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy our blog!

Happy reading, 

The UMD AMSA Blog Team

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